Who We Are

RED is a cloud based Remote Eye Diagnostic network based in China that allows US doctors to review and diagnose complex ophthalmological cases from any device, anywhere and at anytime.

RED Network has partnered with USA eye doctors, hospitals and institutes to provide world class ophthalmology services and to bring academic and professional expertise to China hospitals. In addition to remote diagnostic services RED Network subscribers gain access to USA doctors, hospitals and institutes for training and special patient surgical needs.



What we Do

RED is a HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud based remote image interpretation and review network that facilitates collaboration between specialists from USA and hospitals in China. Our China based cloud platform with Mandarin language support provides diagnostic, image and communications sharing (PACS) as well as remote diagnostic from USA experienced doctors.

Our US based ophthalmologist reading service is available to Chinese hospitals through the RED network. RED subscribers also have access to USA doctors directly through a dedicated social media network group for scheduled consults.


Why Us

RED is a USA designed developed patient centered telemedicine cloud based network in China that connects the Chinese Hospital and patient with US eye doctors and specialists. China based RED network receives images from the local Chinese hospital, stores and forwards to doctors instantly in the USA for diagnosis. RED helps the Chinese hospital control referrals thus keeping the procedures and revenue within the hospital network by providing services that may not be available within the hospital. The RED service offering helps the Chinese hospital improve its image by offering unique international remote diagnostic services for complex ophthalmological cases. Members of the RED network also benefit from academic and professional knowledge sharing between US based hospitals and Universities.


    RED enables local primary care hospitals, specialty eye hospitals, clinics and outreach to collaborate with remote specialists on the management of patient eye care. USA specialists access eye images from a smartphone, tablet or PC from our cloud based system in China.


    China has fewer retinal specialists than the USA and nearly 5X the population. Specialists can focus their time on critical patient needs while medical technicians can screen patients to be reviewed by the USA based reading center.


    RED enables health providers to quickly identify comples eye diseases which will lead to necessary procedures. By identifying just a few more procedures per month, RED allows hospitals to retain patients for additional revenue generating procedures.


Can Hospitals and patients consult with USA doctors?

RED Network will provide a WeChat group exclusively for certain doctors within the subscriber hospital and a USA specialist. Based upon a pre-arranged schedule, doctors may consult over diagnosis and patients may also has a chance to do video chat with a doctor.

How does it work?

RED Network easily connects to any fundus camera, OCT in a general or eye hospital, clinic. Patients’ eye images are captured by the hospital technician and stored in the RED cloud based platform in China. US Doctors will be notified that there are patients need to be diagnosed and the doctor will return a diagnosis through the network.

How much does it cost?

RED Network is a subscription based service with two components. 1) A platform fee and 2) A reading fee per patient. Agreements are annual and billing is either annual or quarterly in advance.

What is RED Network?

RED Network is a US designed, HIPPA compliant cloud based Remote Eye Diagnostic network based in China that allows US doctors to review and diagnose complex ophthalmological cases from desktop device and mobile device

What is the benefit to the RED subscriber?

RED network delivers a service to Chinese hospitals that brings a level of specialization to the hospital that may not be available in their region. Hospitals market the service as a differentiator with the international appeal and high quality US medical doctors. RED subscribers also can benefit from academic and professional knowledge sharing with USA doctors, hospitals and universities.

What type of hospitals can subscribe?

RED Network Targets Chinese general and eye hospitals throughout the PRC.

What type of patients qualify?

The RED Network is intended to provide access to American ophthalmological and retinal specialists for complex and/or unique cases and second opinions.


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